20′ x 8′ x 9.5′ Tall – “New / One Trip” High Cube Shipping/Storage Container -Wind and Watertight **DENTS**- Beige

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This is as new of a storage container as you can buy here in the United States.  It was built new in China then shipped here to the US with a load of goods in it.  Once in the US it was unloaded and then taken into our inventory to be sold.

In addition, this container is wind and watertight.**Keep in mind that even “One Trip” containers can have dents and dings in them as they are loaded and unloaded once before we purchase them.


This container has:

  • 9.5 Feet Tall
  • 12 Vents
  • Lock Box
  • Easy Open Door
  • Grease Fitting


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Pricing Disclaimer

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