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40ft Shipping Containers For Sale

40-foot shipping containers for sale from Up North Storage Containers. We provide high-quality refurbished shipping containers to customers throughout Northern New England including Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire. See detailed actual images and pricing of our current inventory below; fill out our contact form or ring us and our staff would be happy to help you find the right container for your specific needs. Our customers use 40-foot containers for numerous purposes, including on construction job sites to provide a secure area for tools and materials, retailers storing inventory for seasonal purposes, and individuals storing cars and motorcycles; some hunters even use them on remote properties as a form of shelter. For helpful tips for selection check out our Buyers Guide to Shipping Containers.

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Doors to the Cab Vs. Doors to the Back

Keep in mind that we back into the spot that the container will go, slide the container back, then pull out from under it.