Buying a Storage Container in New Hampshire – Things to Consider

Buying a storage container in New Hampshire can be a daunting process.  Many buyers are relatively unfamiliar with (seemingly simple) container features and criteria that could be helpful in making a buying decision.  In our view, three very key items are: reputation, the condition of the container itself, and the delivery method.


When purchasing a shipping container most potential buyers will go to the internet to research local shipping container distributors to get an idea of what their overall costs will be. Over the last few years, more and more containers appear available for sale in various places online. While sometimes these online deals might be a steal, many times it is a “bait & switch” sale in which the buyer and the seller NEVER see the actual shipping container being sold, instead relying on generic pictures of similar containers. This is problematic because no two shipping containers are alike.  Used shipping containers may have holes, rust, and wear and may not be wind and watertight.  Oftentimes, the doors do NOT seal up tight or are very difficult to open and close.   If the buyer is not fully aware of the condition of the shipping container they could be in for a big surprise upon delivery!  If you’re looking to get a container shipped to, say, Concord, Conway, Lancaster, Rochester, or Laconia – buying from a national but frankly fly-by-night-appearing vendor may not be the wisest way to go, especially since a container is often a pretty significant purchase.  The last thing you want is a poor quality, rusty, dented, and generally unappealing container showing up on your site.

Up North Storage Container’s clean and secure containers represent a reliable solution for your storage needs, and our transparency with regards to posting inventory helps eliminate any last-minute surprises during the delivery process.

The condition of the Shipping Container itself

Our goal has always been to be up front about our shipping containers before they are sold. We are one of the ONLY shipping container sales companies to take several pictures of each individual container for sale and post the pictures to our website. We then describe it according to its condition –  new “one trip”, wind and watertight, or “as is”.  We try to make any flaws obvious through the many pictures we take of the containers interior and exterior.  If the doors are hard to open and close, we make note of it.   Our prices are reflective of the condition of the specific container you are purchasing, much like a used car we carefully critique our inventory and price it accordingly.

The Method of Delivering the Shipping Container

Another warning to buyers considering purchasing a shipping container site unseen from an online shipping container retailer is the delivery method. Many ‘National’ shipping container retailers are not equipped for proper shipping container delivery and will offer what is know as a “customer assisted” delivery.  By this, they require a point to lash the container to as they pull forward resulting in the container sliding off the back of the trailer and crashing to the ground typically from a distance of three or four feet.  

By contrast, all of our delivery trucks are equipped with a tilt bed that allows us to gently slide the shipping container into the proper location. Before delivery of your container, our office will contact you and review your drop-off location on Google Maps allowing us to make a safe determination as to the best way to unload your container in the location you desire without damaging the container or the surrounding property.

Whether you need a storage container in Rochester, Lancaster, Conway, Laconia…or even way way up north in Pittsburg – we want your business and are committed to providing the best containers and support that Granite State businesses and residents demand.

We hope you have found this article helpful and will contact us with any questions about purchasing a shipping container. We have over 15 years experience in shipping container sales, refurbishing, and modifications and are your #1 LOCAL source for quality shipping containers.We Love New Hampshire


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