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Storing Construction Items In Shipping Containers

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Contractor Storage:  Storing Construction Items In Shipping Containers

Contractors have the unique challenge of maintaining a tidy job site and ensuring materials and equipment are safe and secure overnight.  Shipping containers can be used on a construction job site to store items that can be harmful if not properly handled, secure valuable tools, and to manage materials that will be needed later.  Storage containers keep the job site neat and save valuable time.

Construction job site theft of power tools and high value materials is one of the most common scenarios for contractors. Power tools are generally expensive, and thieves can easily grab  them. Commonly stolen power tools include concrete mixers, hand drills, skid drives, screwdrivers, and pressure washers.   Tools left out in plain view may not only tempt thieves but could also injure workers and other people on the site. Also, any valuable items left in the parking lot or in the break room are targets for theft.  Lastly, many job sites have valuable materials that thieves seek to resell such as copper fittings, specialty tiles and more.

Oftentimes construction companies and contractors cannot store large equipment securely due to its size. Bulldozers, loaders, forklifts, skid steers, and generators are often left on the site, with the keys removed and locks placed on the steering wheels etc.  However, most small equipment is compact enough to fit into a shipping container, and it is usually worth protecting in one.  Container shelving can be used to keep your job site organized and provide for easy access to materials.  Companies that are not taking appropriate precautions are at risk of losing money due to downtime and the need to repurchase tools and supplies.  If you own or manage a business site that has not been securing all of its tools properly, making some investments in shipping containers where tools and materials can be locked and stored securely is a no-brainer.  A shipping container, with its doors securely locked, is a powerful deterrent to construction job site theft.


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20-Foot Storage Containers Used for Tactical Training Center in NH

We are always excited when we see the many uses for our 20-foot storage containers. From ice cream shops to bike stores, shipping containers can be used for various business models and on-site storage to enable both year-round and seasonal businesses.

Custom Color Shipping Container

When Ridgeline Training Center asked for a custom color to complement their multi-purpose training range, we were pleased to support their local business requirements in New Hampshire. Situated in the White Mountains on nearly 80 acres, Ridgeline is New England’s premier tactical training facility. The center is purpose-built to support world-class training.

Wind and Water Tight Storage Container Protects Contents

The custom-painted 20’ storage containers are situated near the range for easy access and storage of training equipment. The storage containers are wind and watertight and rodent-proof to protect contents and will last the client 20 or more years.

We appreciate your business Ridgeline Training Center!


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Storage Containers used for Bike Storage Help to Transform Mountain Bike Park

We were thrilled last winter when Highland Mountain Bike Park reached out to us for support on their bike shop expansion project using our storage containers | shipping containers!  In fact, our own family has enjoyed the park on several occasions when the park hosted mountain bike races for NEHSCA in the early days of the mountain bike league, and of course, our son HAD to experience the rush of downhill mountain biking while we were there!  What better place to do a storage container project?

Why storage containers for a bike shop?

The purpose of the storage containers at Highland Mountain Bike Park was to dramatically expand their bike storage capabilities and to streamline the bike rental process for park visitors.  Highland Mountain Bike Park, #americasbikepark, is a converted ski resort which caters to mountain bikers.  The resort offers downhill, Enduro, pump track, and even an indoor training center.  The resort hosts a variety of races and events throughout the year which attract both professional and amateur bikers alike.  In fact, mountain bikers come from all over the U.S. to experience the park, and as a result, they may not be traveling with their own gear.  The bike shop at Highland Mountain Bike Park has everything a visitor could need including bike rentals, protective gear, and bike service.

What type of shipping containers were used?

When searching for a partner for their project, Highland Mountain Bike Park turned to UpNorth Storage Containers for a quick-to-install and secure solution for their new bike shop.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the shortage of available lumber and contractors, storage containers were the perfect solution.  The park ultimately purchased two 40’ shipping containers in a complementary ‘toy soldier green’ to blend in with the natural environment as well as roll doors for quick and simple access.  

The storage containers have since been transformed to allow for easy access to bike storage and to enable a smooth rental process for park visitors.  The containers were branded with the “Highland Mountain Bike Shop” logo and a deck was constructed on top to allow for 360 degree views of the park.  The unique design adds to the character of the resort as well as solves the challenge of a streamlined rental process.

Thank you for allowing us to share your story Highland Mountain Bike Park!

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Elementor #33809

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Buying a Storage Container in New Hampshire – Things to Consider

Buying a storage container in New Hampshire can be a daunting process.  Many buyers are relatively unfamiliar with (seemingly simple) container features and criteria that could be helpful in making a buying decision.  In our view, three very key items are: reputation, the condition of the container itself, and the delivery method.


When purchasing a shipping container most potential buyers will go to the internet to research local shipping container distributors to get an idea of what their overall costs will be. Over the last few years, more and more containers appear available for sale in various places online. While sometimes these online deals might be a steal, many times it is a “bait & switch” sale in which the buyer and the seller NEVER see the actual shipping container being sold, instead relying on generic pictures of similar containers. This is problematic because no two shipping containers are alike.  Used shipping containers may have holes, rust, and wear and may not be wind and watertight.  Oftentimes, the doors do NOT seal up tight or are very difficult to open and close.   If the buyer is not fully aware of the condition of the shipping container they could be in for a big surprise upon delivery!  If you’re looking to get a container shipped to, say, Concord, Conway, Lancaster, Rochester, or Laconia – buying from a national but frankly fly-by-night-appearing vendor may not be the wisest way to go, especially since a container is often a pretty significant purchase.  The last thing you want is a poor quality, rusty, dented, and generally unappealing container showing up on your site.

Up North Storage Container’s clean and secure containers represent a reliable solution for your storage needs, and our transparency with regards to posting inventory helps eliminate any last-minute surprises during the delivery process.

The condition of the Shipping Container itself

Our goal has always been to be up front about our shipping containers before they are sold. We are one of the ONLY shipping container sales companies to take several pictures of each individual container for sale and post the pictures to our website. We then describe it according to its condition –  new “one trip”, wind and watertight, or “as is”.  We try to make any flaws obvious through the many pictures we take of the containers interior and exterior.  If the doors are hard to open and close, we make note of it.   Our prices are reflective of the condition of the specific container you are purchasing, much like a used car we carefully critique our inventory and price it accordingly.

The Method of Delivering the Shipping Container

Another warning to buyers considering purchasing a shipping container site unseen from an online shipping container retailer is the delivery method. Many ‘National’ shipping container retailers are not equipped for proper shipping container delivery and will offer what is know as a “customer assisted” delivery.  By this, they require a point to lash the container to as they pull forward resulting in the container sliding off the back of the trailer and crashing to the ground typically from a distance of three or four feet.  

By contrast, all of our delivery trucks are equipped with a tilt bed that allows us to gently slide the shipping container into the proper location. Before delivery of your container, our office will contact you and review your drop-off location on Google Maps allowing us to make a safe determination as to the best way to unload your container in the location you desire without damaging the container or the surrounding property.

Whether you need a storage container in Rochester, Lancaster, Conway, Laconia…or even way way up north in Pittsburg – we want your business and are committed to providing the best containers and support that Granite State businesses and residents demand.

We hope you have found this article helpful and will contact us with any questions about purchasing a shipping container. We have over 15 years experience in shipping container sales, refurbishing, and modifications and are your #1 LOCAL source for quality shipping containers.We Love New Hampshire